Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Six Sigma & Tax Risk Management towards a winning process

Jay Arthur of Six Sigma Simplified says:

There's always a process. ...Most are created on-demand in an ad-hoc fashion rather than with some clarity and vision. Most are then improved using trial-and-error, gut feel and common sense. A few succeed, but too many fail.

If you watch great golfers like Tiger Woods or Annika Sorenstam, you soon discover that they follow a process for every shot. They pick a target and have a simple routine for the setup and then the shot. Their preshot routine never varies. If they get interrupted, they step back and start over from the beginning. The lesson is clear: winning demands a commitment to process.

There's always a price to pay for not having a process and improving the process along the way. The price of establishing one at the start is far less than the cost of trying to add one late in a project. It's up to you. Are you going to let some pretense of being "creative" stand in the way of your success? Or are you going to embrace the freedom that process brings?


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