Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Tax Gap problem solution proposed by US Treasury includes co-operation

In this article is an extract from the US TReasury Tax Gap September 2006 report. Point 7 is in line with the recommendation that co-operation with the IRS at the right moment is strategically a sound move in line with the principles in the Lexis Nexis book 7 Habitual Tax Mistakes.

Executive Summary Extract 7. Coordinate with Partners and Stakeholders. Closer coordination is needed between the IRS and state and foreign governments to share information and compliance strategies. Closer coordination is also needed with practitioner organizations, including bar and accounting associations, to maintain and improve mechanisms to ensure that advisors provide appropriate tax advice. Through contacts with practitioner organizations, the Treasury Department and the IRS learn about recent developments in tax practice and hear directly from practitioners about taxpayer concerns and potentially abusive practices. Similarly, contacts with taxpayers and their representatives, including small business representatives and low-income taxpayer advocates, provide the Treasury Department and the IRS with needed insight on ways to protect taxpayer rights and minimize the potential burdens of compliance strategies.

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