Monday, November 24, 2008

Doctors Increase Turnover - Refer Doctors and earn thousands

Doctors Increase your turnover by $ 800,000 per year.


What if I told you that as a Doctor you have an asset in your practice that could increase your turnover by an extra $ 800,000 per year! And you didn't know about it! You would NOT believe me! But its a fact! No-one has bothered to look carefully enough into your practice to tell you about it.

Don't believe me at this stage - but at least look into it, and CONTACT me for a 15 minute telephone talk.

Send your CONTACT details to, and I'll contact you to explain the method over the phone, at no cost to you.

IF YOU WANT TO REFER A DOCTOR, then also contact me at, and I'll discuss the process that will earn you extra income for a successful referral.

All Doctors practices have a hidden asset that is for the most part undiscovered. Simply because the Doctors never creates the opportunity to expose that asset. The other reason is that the Doctor's advisors never have the opportunity to tell the Doctor about the asset, because they are looking at historical business issues, and not planning to create more value for the Doctor in the existing practice.

This hidden asset will introduce real value that can be financed by the practice. The nice thing about the financing of this asset is that it will give the Doctor a double tax write off! One is for the asset discovered, as amortized over 15 years, and the other is for the interest on the loan.

This is best illustrated by an example: The hidden asset is properly valued at $2m. A bank is approached after the value of the asset is exposed in a properly constructed transaction. The bank lends the Doctors Practice $2m. The interest payable per year is $ 150,000 at an interest rate of 7.5%. But this is reduced to an effective 2.5% by the double deduction. The interest deduction will give the Doctor a tax saving of about $ 50,000 for the year. And then the tax write off of the hidden asset will give the Doctor another approximate $ 50,000 tax benefit for the year.

That reduces the interest cost of the loan to ONLY $ 50,000 FOR THE YEAR, or an effective interest rate of 2.5% for the loan. That is VERY cheap finance. If the $2m is now applied towards a safe investment or towards paying off other expensive debt, the Doctor could net about an extra $ 200,000 in savings and extra income every year.

That is the equivalent of the Doctor working harder to earn an extra $ 800,000 turnover, pay the expenses and the taxes to leave a NET amount of $ 200,000. But in this case the Doctor does NOT have to work harder.

The hidden asset does that for the Doctor. The hidden asset? The Doctors Goodwill! It must be valued, then form part of a restructure step, and then the benefits can kick in, as explained above. For more information and details, visit, or contact the author at Also visit

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