Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Doctors Earn Up Tp $800 000 Extra per Year

Doctors have a hidden asset in their practice that could earn them up to $800,000 extra income every year. But they are too busy to read this and to find out how it works. This is where you come in. By going to www.dnerasmus.com and enrolling in our referral program, we will show you step by step how to arrange an appointment for us to show them the benefits. You start earning immediately. $10,00 for the appointment. $150,00 when the Doctor agrees to us doing an initial assessment. Up to $ 8,000 when the program is successfully concluded.

Its that easy. A simple and easy joint venture. We have the knowledge and you have the contacts. Bring us and your contacts together, and start earning money.All Doctors have a hidden asset in their practices.

Its called Goodwill. And they don't know how to use it to their benefit to earn more revenue.

We do.

Its a simple process. You register on our referral program at www.dnerasmus.com .

We will send you the introduction letter to show your Doctor friends, to wet their appetite. Then you get them to commit to a short 15 minute telephone consultation with us. We do the rest.

The rest is:

1.We show them how their Goodwill will help them to qualify for a funds of up to $ 2m - YES $ 2m, at an interest rate of as low as 3%!

2.We show them how to take their $2m funds at 3% interest and repay expensive debt, or invest the cash into a safe haven investment, yielding them profits equivalent to them having to generate another $ 800,000 in their practice. Most Doctors generate that amount of revenuse and not much more. We show them, FOR NO EFFORT, with clever structuring that is simple to understand, with a patent pending process how to earn that extra revenue;

3.When you make the appointment we mail you a check for $10,00.

4.Once they have heard the presentation most of the time they commit to us doing a feasibility study. We mail you a check of $150,00;

5.On reading our feasibility study, whicjh is a NO BRAINER for them to implement, on implementation, and when they receive their funds, you receive up to $ 8,000 per deal. The check is posted to you immediately.

So help yourself as you help your doctor.

This is a great business opportunity that can be done by anyone!

Enroll at www.dnerasmus.com and send an email to daniel@dnerasmus.com now! Don't wait - be the first in line to start earning thousands for referrals.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a really good plan. I wonder why not all people know about this.