Monday, June 1, 2009

Tax Risk Management: Your Reputation Is Not Worth Risking

- Deloittes

These days, risk and reputation issues are some of the biggest concerns on a tax director's mind. Changes in the regulatory and political climate mean that tax risk must be assessed in the context of wider risk management policies and in a way that facilitates communication and understanding to those outside the tax group. Governance and regulatory developments are forcing boards and audit committees to take notice of an organization's taxes. Tax risk management practice is comprised of a group of professionals who have experience in a broad array of tax solutions and have supplemented that with a very valuable focus on enterprise risk.
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TRM Services has recently completed Tax Risk Management assignments in the USA, Hungary, Romania and South Africa.

They have a group of professionals with broad based experience to tackle and tax risk with well healed solutions, reducing enterprise risk and reputational risk.Some of our clients include some of the largest MNC's in the world.

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