Monday, June 1, 2009

WORKHOP: Tax Risk Management For Executives

World Tax Authorities have definitely got their act together by not only forming specialized assessment units to assess high net worth individuals, but by co-operating with each other through the OECD Tax Adminstration Forum, under the chairmanship of Pravin Gordhan. These specialized teams will all acquire specialized skills on areas of potential tax risk areas that need to be audited on an ongoing basis in order to address the tax gap problem that has developed in all countries.

“TRM for Executives is an absolute must for executives/ senior management who are faced with the responsibility of addressing issues of taxation in a corporation.

In my experience, as an example, when Tax Authorities perform an audit - with penalties, the valuation for the dispute could average out 3 times the original outstanding tax that was due - because corporates have simply not bothered to calclate and assess their tax risk. There is no incentive to do so as they are judged on the company's EBITA performance! “
- Daniel Erasmus

Overview of TRM for Executives:

1. The Tax Authorities' relationship

  • How to build a workable relationship with Tax Authorities

  • Negotiating and settling contentious tax problems

2. Your Tax Risk Profile

  • What is your potential tax gap problem?

  • What can you do to assess your tax risk?

  • Guidance on how to address and manage your tax risk going forward

  • Methodology for finalizing major tax risk problems

  • Managing the assessment and settlement of tax risk areas in a multi-national corporation

Your responsibility to address taxation issues in a corporation

  • How are you dealing with the variety of queries that are being addressed to your corporation from different tax offices around the country?

3. Tax Queries in your Company

  • Addressing corporation tax queries

Practical questions

  • Specific methodologies to follow in finalizing any major tax problems you have identified in your corporation

  • Identifying tax risk in your company

Satisfying your investors, shareholders, partners and the Tax Authority

TRM for Executives SPOT ANALYSIS

If you can answer these questions with confidence, you DONT need to attend TRM for Executives!

  • Do you know how “Sarbanes – Oxley Act” affects Tax Risk Management?

  • Where do you think your greatest Tax Risk lies? ** (see below for answer!)

  • What is your...

  • * …Transactional Tax Risk – quantified?
    * …Operational Tax Risk – quantified?
    * …Compliance Tax Risk – quantified?
    * …Tax Management Risk – quantified?
    * …Reputational Risk?

  • Have you a documented tax policy/strategy?

  • Do you have a Tax department?

* How good is your Tax departments communication with the rest of your organisation?
* Do they understand what your organisations REAL Tax Risk is?

** If your answer to question 2 is not Reputation , you need to attend TRM for Executives!

Key Speakers

* Daniel Erasmus
Well-known Tax Risk Management specialist and international tax attorney from TRM Services.


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