Wednesday, April 21, 2010

USA - Vermont Captive Insurance

Why Vermont?

No other state even comes close for captives -- and only Bermuda and the Cayman Islands have more captives than we do. Vermont is the undisputed on-shore leader with over twenty-five years of experience working with the captive insurance industry. Vermont is home to 44 of the Fortune 100 and 19 of the companies that make up the Dow 30 have Vermont captives.

What this means to you is that we're experienced in working with companies like yours.

We know how to do it -- and our record stands for itself.

Vermont Responds to Your Needs
Our laws and regulations keep pace with industry needs. Our legislature listens and is responsive. We keep our captive environment up to date and friendly. And in Vermont getting a meeting with a key state official only takes a phone call. Vermont has a team of regulatory and promotional professionals ready to respond to your needs.

What this means to you is a customized and personal approach to making sure Vermont meets all of your captive insurance needs.

Vermont's Infrastructure is Second to None Vermont's professional support services are the best in the world. As a leader in the industry, Vermont is home to the nation's top captive insurance providers. When you're looking for world leading management companies, highly specialized banking and investment services, accountants or expert law firms -- we've got them. When you're looking for a supportive and influential trade association -- we've got it.

What this means to you is Vermont has the complete package to maximize the benefits of your company's captive insurance needs with a team of experienced and proven professionals.

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