Monday, April 19, 2010

Why Malta?

Prof D N Erasmus

Apart from the basic information below, one of our associate Professors have done quite a bit of research into Malta. If you would like to participate in the Malta Tax Benefits lecture, please contact Professor D N Erasmus to book a seat. The lecture is in the process of being arranged.
Why register a company in Malta?

The benefits of registering a company in Malta are:

• the tax advantages (5% for non-resident shareholders).
• membership of the European Union.
• excellent telecommunications.
• legislative framework in line with EU directives.
• Malta has a robust yet flexible legal and regulatory framework, with all company law and regulations published in English.
• Operational costs are low, including regulatory, registrar, listing fees, cost of lease or rent, staff costs etc.
• English and Maltese are the official languages but Italian and French are widely spoken.
• Professional Investor Funds are exempt from Maltese capital gains and income taxes, so non-resident investors do not have to pay income tax in Malta.
• Malta has double taxation treaties with 60 countries including most EU and OECD member states.
• Malta can boast of a high standard of education and there are highly qualified specialist professionals from all fields.
By exploiting the tax advantages and other facilities in Malta, companies and individuals who are involved in international trade, could derive great benefits by relocating their trading activities to originate from Malta.

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